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Uptown Friday Nights….KantiRocks had a blast!

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

What a fun time at Uptown!  KantiRocks rocked the big crowd!  We were blessed with good weather: about 88 degrees at 5 pm.   Visitors came from Dubuque (thanks Teresa!) family, friends and fans.  Nikki was able to meet her FB fan Janine after 3 years!  Larry’s Grandbabies sat outside the fence.  New fans from Minnesota, friends from Atkins and workplaces.

Lots of Ragbrai friends in the crowd and Ragbrai personnel there as well…letting people know about Partying on the Island in Cedar Rapids this Thursday.

Thanks KantiRock fans and the Jaycees for hosting Uptown Friday Nights!  We’ll see you again soon!

Bushwood on August 11!



Join Us!

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Tonight July 14, we are playing at Red Baron.

Also, UPTOWN FRIDAY Night at Green square Park
5pm-8 pm on Friday July 20th

Rock with KantiRocks this summer!